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Getting NAKED for my Birthday Wish!

Yes, I am turning 43 years old in a few days.  I remember the time when I thought this number would be so far away or an ancient age.  Well I can fully say that I am proud to say my age and feel more confident and happier than in my twenties.  Forties have been good to me so far not in the sense that everything has been peachy but in the fact that it hasn’t and I just don’t care or in better words the challenges don’t affect me like they used to.  I have either matured much in the last few years or my Vaseline supplier has keep delivering buckets without my knowledge.

So this year, I want to scream my birthday wishes.  I want to make them known, for whatever you verbalize, visualize and write you are likely to materialize.  Considering my old age, I have no time to waste in keeping the wishes to myself.  Maybe they will come true or some of you can make some happen for me.  Why not?  at the very least they will be written down and I can keep track if they are coming true. Have to warn you, they might be really serious, stupidly funny and mostly not filtered at all.

So what do I wish?  I wish my family stays strong, healthy, thriving, happy and mostly civil this holiday season.  I wish my kids always know how much I love them even when I kick them out to play and detached them from their electronics.  I wish all my practice members get it and realize health does indeed come from within, that I am able to educate them enough to keep getting their spine checked and subluxation FREE even when they get sick of me, lol.  I wish we all just connect more instead of divide ourselves thru politics, race, size, gender, preferences, economic status and all the others reasons I know I am forgetting.   I wish I am able to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone I encounter and multiply that by 1000x for this 43rd year of life.  I wish that I actually go to the gym more often than the times the money gets drawn out my account for I refuse to cancel it out of pure principle. I wish that I get to see my BFFs more often, life is too short for having too many excuses not to.  HINT!  I wish for more get-aways with purpose, passion and love.  I wish for more sponsors for the kids in Haiti that so much need it (  Yes I wish for more people to go outside and hug a stranger and smile more.  I wish that people in Miami are reminded of the purpose of the holidays and stop driving and shopping as if the earth is coming to an end.  Yes I wish for true love, the one that stays, that grows, that radiates towards others, that is kind, respectful and giving.   I wish my birthday get-away is magical for I have been dreaming of going to this place since I was 20 years old.   I wish my dog heals from her stressful tummy and that most animals are loved and care a bit more.  I wish for 10 people to join me to lose some of this holiday weight (together we might do it more efficiently).  I wish that kids stop screaming and having tantrums when I am trying to focus on my book.  I wish for everyone to find healing specially someone dear to us this holiday (maybe the birthday miracle worker reads this and she heals).  I wish that more people want to join me in keeping each other accountable and more NAKED while on these beautiful journey called life.

Well that was a mouthful and I can only hope and wish some of you can help me fulfill those wishes or at least keep me accountable and NAKED with them.   Thank you for being there for me as a friend, a practice member, a ChiroMissionary,  an acquaintance, a chiropractor, a BFF and even if you are just a stalker.    I truly appreciate you and know in my heart you came into my life for a reason.   I am open to receive what the universe has in store for me while I keep helping others and disrobing on the rock we  all share.

Please comment, critique, like, add, suggest and let me know if you can help make any wish come true.  All will be welcomed.   I will be gone for a few days to reflect, fulfill a dream, laugh, cry and enjoy all the colors of the rainbow.

GRACIAS,  los amo

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