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Hey, Who’s really listening? - Get Naked Series
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Hey, Who’s really listening?

Have you ever wondered who’s really listening? Sometimes we speak our minds in our jobs, with our family, significant others or friends, and we find that probably half or less of what you are saying is getting thru to the other?  Does this happen to you too?   Well lately I feel like I am in a constant conversation with myself which let me state it now, is not bad is just not the intention of that specific chat.   So I took the time to explore this common interaction a bit further and came to the conclusion that most of what we say is because we need constant confirmation of the matter and if the other person doesn’t capture it is for one of two reasons.  Either your communication skills are not optimal or they were not ready to hear it yet.

When do you know which is which?  I will humbly say that is by reading their body language and engaging them in the conversation.  I have been very guilty of having many monologues instead of dialogues and a big part of GETTING NAKED is forgiving yourself for doing so and learning from the experience to better readjust your methodology and be more efficient next time if that is truly your goal.

Lately is not only me who’s talking to myself, which probably is a conversation I needed to have, for trust me there are not mistakes in life, most of what comes from deep inside of you is meant to be said, or written or analyzed in some way for is our teacher and mentor.   I see so many people complaining about politics, who said what and how it affects us, and at the same time I observe the duality of people being jaded by the whole thing and not listening to either.  Is that what is really happening?  Did we forget to listen to the other?  Are we so charged with unspoken emotions that we have no room for others opinions or room for more information?  


I feel that I am listening my own words and readjusting the wheel as my surrounding changes to better communicate with my audience or loved ones.  Who do you think listens to you the most and why?  The biggest question is how does someone listening or not affect you?  because if it does too much then you have a problem when they don’t listen to you. 

So I am writing this to tell you it does affect me when patients or clients don’t listen to what I say, I feel my purpose is not being fulfilled and I am better off sitting in my yard writing on my journal.   So I am going to get NAKED once again and tell you that is ok to have it affect us, is the human thing, it makes us alive and caring enough not to be jaded like we sometimes are with the changing political climate.   Now, is it healthy? depends how you see it… if you are going to get upset and change your way of communicating, then heck yes is healthy.  I believe anything that makes you warm enough inside to create a physiological reaction to change one way or another is good.  

So my conclusion is keep talking even when they don’t listen, you are listening and learning to become better, the worst intention is that which is never expressed.  So speak and tell me what works for you?  Who is listening to you and why?  The older I get the more child like and the more curious I get, the more I want to learn and fine tune my instrument to better serve and help others be whom they want to be.   I have gotten naked with the knowing that is not what I want for others is what they want for themselves but if only I can get them to at least listen to themselves answer their own questions I haven’t spoken in vain.

Thanks for listening or not, God knows I needed to write this for a reason…

Loving you for being part of my naked journey… and as always if you got this far reading, let me know what you think, how this might had help or served you or what would you want to hear about.

Dr. A

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