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It’s that time of the year again, the time when I reflect on what has happened this past year, on how did it go?  What did I do? what did I accomplish?  What did I not?  and YES most importantly what the heck am I grateful for?

Yes, I see November as my inventory time, time to see where I went and where I want to go, November is always significant as it is my daughter’s birthday month, it’s Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) and it’s close to my birthday.  November, for me, is when I take measure of the year’s accomplishments– and when I say accomplishments I mean everything.  Even the bad is an accomplishment in my eyes… because really, what do apparent mistakes teach us?    STOP NOW and think of a time you made a horrible mistake (according to you) and acknowledge what you learned from it, I can almost bet it was a huge lesson, probably bigger than the good ones you have made in your life.

SO what have I learned this year?  That I needed time to heal, to refocus, to experiment, to make mistakes, to cry, to scream, to travel, to be silly, to laugh at the journey even the sadness I let creep in due to the challenges that were presented on my path.  I learned to be fully honest and raw to get what I want.  I learned that it is OK to do nothing and stay still for a while.  To embrace being alone and remember that I am fully responsible for everything in my life.  I learned that no one will save me but myself and the faith that helps move me forward.  I learned that laughter is indeed the best medicine and that taking things too seriously only results in useless stress. I learned that heartbreaks can be overcome and that the heart always heals.  I learned to fully forgive myself from all the apparent mistakes.  And most importantly I learned to truly be grateful for the reality that is RIGHT NOW!

Yes, I have to confess, the  “Getting Naked” process and quickness of it all took me by storm; for I decided to change l many things in my life at once.  I then realized I had not taken the adequate time to consider what that would mean to me, to evaluate the process and reflect on what it signified, analyze all the concurrent patterns in my life for love, business and health.   YES, I got burned and possibly perceived in a negative way.  And guess what? It’s all good and fuels me to move forward even more naked, humble and true to my purpose of making a positive difference in all I encounters.

Cheers to a new Thanksgiving, to all our blessings, our families, our health, our new beginnings and to the constant awareness of it all and how it molds us into the perfect vehicles to keep driving our mission forward.  What will you reflect on today? What will make this season less stressful and more meaningful?  Will it be to eat, drink and shop ourselves numb or to actually take the time to really open our eyes and see the perfection in every moment to build the kind of 2017 we want to experience and bless others with?   The choice is always ours, and not doing anything is also a choice, what action step can you make today to have the first significant holiday of the season be worth its weight in GOLD instead of pounds?

Want ideas?  I say start with making a grateful list.  If you do already do that as often as I do, then  start with truly getting naked and finding the positive in every perceived wrong that has happened to you this year. And if you are really bold and want an even bigger impact, write the top 3 action steps you can do before the year is over to crank you up for your best 2017.    The choice is indeed yours and I am here to serve and help you however best you need.  Ask away, the worst question is the one that was never vocalized.

Enjoy every moment this Thanksgiving, stay grateful, faithful and keep getting naked by taking ACTION!

Read, ask, like, share, meditate about it and live your life to the fullest.  I am grateful for every one of you.

Yours in this Naked journey,

Dr. Aura

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