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Why being “Naked” and honest is the winning ticket while dating? - Get Naked Series
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Why being “Naked” and honest is the winning ticket while dating?

WHY NOT?   My journey has changed and evolved plenty in the last year and half, which has fully given me a new light on life, love, dating and being single.   I am going to bare some of my most intimate experiences t will probably answer the title of this blog.

During my dating journey I have had the pleasure of meeting many different kinds of guys, from very simple, to very intelligent, to very serious, to very raw,  CEOs to blue collar.   I can truthfully admit that at least 95% of the experiences have been great; I have concluded that they all appreciate honesty to the max.  No matter what you want out of them or the experience, being honest and letting go of expectations has been the best key to having fun and getting to know them at a deeper level.   The more real and blunt I was, the more they wanted to get to know me better and were more honest themselves about what they were looking for.

I love Honesty; is not only my number one value, I have also proven it to be the key to dating more efficiently to what I wanted.  It is also the best motto in practice and any endeavor I take on.  WHY??  because when you are fully honest and raw your full essence is seen and true intention is spread forward.  I love honesty, probably too much hence I have been blunt on may occasions and maybe hurt someone’s feelings.  However when you are not hurting yourself or others I will truly say that honesty is your best bet in any situation.

I recommend this to all WOMEN; I hear so many complains from female friends and acquaintances that they don’t get what they want out of dating, out of their jobs, their marriages, their relationships, their friendships, that I heart fully feel It’s all because of a lack of honesty with yourself and others.  If you don’t ask for what you want you will never get it.  MEN are not mind readers and can’t decipher what you are thinking or what you want out of that relationship, and neither are bosses or friends.  The reason this blog title came to be is because my guy friends asked me to spread this message, for they would love the same rawness from other women.

BEING honest will make you feel good, light and free from it all; why?   because you won’t have to think you will just have to be.  BE honest because others will perceive it and it will be the breath of fresh air they were waiting for.   BE honest because your essence will grow and attract your best results. Being honest while dating will remove the games, the expectations, the pretenses and give you real experiences.

For example, why do people read the last page of a story before starting the book?  Because you want to know if the ending is worth the read.  When dating honestly you rule out if it is worth your time since the beginning making whatever experience ahead worth your energy and effort.  It helps you get in touch with your inner voice and smell what you don’t want much quicker.  It removes further pain and disappointment in what you expect them to be or do, it creates the blank canvas for you to draw on without inhibitions for your best self will be the one creating.  I learned to appreciate the present moment more vividly for there was no agenda, just two people being transparent and enjoying life to the fullest.

Getting Naked is all about being free from what weighs you down and nothing does that more than being your best authentic self.  No matter what you are looking for in life, whether it is a relationship, a friendship,  a new venture, a raise, or better connections being honest HAS to be your main ingredient.  I will provide specific examples of how it has help me in the dating arena to all that email me or comment on this blog.  It will at least help to get your partners more real and naked.  WIN WIN for everyone involved.

Naked with you in this journey,

Dr. A

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