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Want to know how to quit a vice? This is what helped me GET NAKED with mine.. - Get Naked Series
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Want to know how to quit a vice? This is what helped me GET NAKED with mine..

Seven months ago today I decided to quit several vices. Has been a hard journey but so far I have let go of 7 life draining vices over this time successfully and will love to share with you my process.  One in particular had a hold of me for years, and several others were just unhealthy and keeping me distracted from the life I was meant to live.  A vice is a tricky thing, for by the time you realize you are addicted to it,  you are really deep in it.   the excuses you create in your mind justify your actions and your body and mind believe is something you need and might even be good for you.

I do have to say before I continue that my opinion is based on my experiences with similar issues and those of the patterns of people that I have helped over the years of service in my office.  Now that you know I am just like you and speaking from my heart, I can further open up with the hopes that my story and system helps others that might want to change their current reality.

The first step to quit a vice will be admitting you have one, again I am not just talking about a substance, I am talking about a person, a thing, a habit, any obsession that doesn’t do you well.  Let’s face it, we all have addictions to something and I don’t want to burst your bubble but whatever you think you want to get rid off, you will replace with something else, now is your choice to decide if it will be something that adds to your life’s purpose or not.

Second you need to do an inventory of how your day goes, this is a crucial exercise to see what and how this vice is controlling your energy and time.  If you are serious about quitting, you have to do the work, just saying it won’t make it magically go away. So take 5 minutes and a piece of paper and get quiet, write the first thing that comes to mind on how you think you really spend your time.  Post it somewhere you can see it tomorrow and then compare how right or off you are.   Make a list on that second day of the things you actually do and add to it what you think about the most.   Your third day will give you more awareness of what you want and not want in your life and possibly identify that one thing that is controlling most of your productive time and stealing you of your full potential.

Third step is to make a list of the benefits and the drawbacks of letting go of such vice, really think hard and see how it fits or doesn’t fit with the kind of life you want to lead, and when I say write it, I mean no distractions, no phone, no FB and no other interruptions to really be honest with yourself and get naked with it.  Are you worth the steps?  What else do you think you can accomplish in life if you didn’t have this vice, how much more health and vitality will you have? how much more mental clarity to deal with all the necessities of your world will you have?  Do you even know how much your time is worth? (hey that’s another exercise for the future).   

Now that you know the what and you figure out the why, then I will tell you how….  The best way to get rid of a bad vice is to decide to do it NOW, not tomorrow, not next week, the energy of doing it now will propel you into succeeding at this matter.  DO NOT POSTPONE ANY DECISION!  Unless is learning how to cook and you are driving.. Lol.   I will give you examples, lets say you want to quit smoking, don’t have a last one, quit before u give in to the craving.  That energy will tell your brain that you are serious and produce the right chemicals to incentive you to stick with it.

HOW DO YOU QUIT?  By being aware of it, seeing the why and deciding to do it in the present time… by taking it one moment at a time with the knowing that set backs don’t mean failure, not doing it continuously does.

I hope this GET NAKED TIP helps you let go of the habits and vices you no longer need in your life.  I have let go of 7 vices in the last 7 months.  If you want to know which, my why or further information on my process please reach out to me and I will gladly answer any questions you may have.

This is a constant journey  and I am still working on other habits to keep maximizing my life,  it is true that old habits die hard if you believe they will, and yes I will guarantee the vices will be replaced with new ones,  thats the charming thing with energy, it doesn’t die, it just transforms.

Thank you for reading, for sharing, for caring and for letting my journey serve you.

Naked in this journey,

Dr. A

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