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What am I doing? - Get Naked Series
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What am I doing?

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t know what you are doing?

I know I am not alone in sometimes feeling this way.

YES. Sometimes I feel like I can’t tackle what I set myself up for.  That I am not enough for the challenges I have set in my heart to overcome, for the dreams and goals I set up when I feel super energized.  YES, sometimes those feelings take over me for I feel there are more prepared people out there doing the same thing. I question if I am unique? What makes me different?

YES, ME…you too?  Well if I am not preaching to the choir then I will tell you what I have found in my Naked journey and feeling like this once in a while is totally OK.  Not feeding this little insecurity monster is the trick to not let it fatten up and grow into a large insecurity monster. The moment you hear and feel the monster telling you that you don’t know what you are doing, or aren’t good enough, get up and jump as you tell it aloud to leave you alone and let your passion shine!

It is ok to sometimes not know but letting the dark voice take over might kill the creative genious we all have inside of us.  YES, we do have it and if we were not doing something right we wouldn’t hear the doubt.  Doubt is a natural part of being human as much as genius and certainty are.  The trick is choosing which one you are going to let stay in your heart and brain.

When I do the intimate Get Naked retreats and workshops I see the passengers that people let stay in their lives, even clearer than they do.  I can smell and feel the energy around them that might drive them down or raise them up. Those little monsters or  freeloaders in your mind are the drivers of most of your failed attempt, unrealized goals and missed opportunities.

My naked tip is to smash that little monster, kill it with a look, a tool or just a bat.  Make sure he knows who is the boss and if the drive/passion and purpose is there to bring forth the idea the rest is just action.

If you ever want more tools on how to master the monster or free loader inside, reach out to me and I will be glad to have  a chat with you.  The upcoming NAKED experience will happening September 8th in beautiful Miami.   Link to event will be posted soon.


Together in this Naked journey,

Dr. Aura


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