Why I started Naked series?

More than four years ago and due to life’s challenges I decided to get really honest with me.  I have always loved to read and go to personal growth seminars and I have spent more money on them that I like to admit in this column, however practicing what you learn is way different than going to them, feeling good and going back to your ways.


Due to my life’s circumstances I decided that enough was enough and was time to get busy on my life, I started practicing what I had learned, and seeing the results I wanted, but more importantly, started to see how all the perceived bad events in my life were my true gift, I have had a lot of mentors from famous speakers all the way to the people that trigger me most in my life and are closest to me, they have all thought me more about me that I could had ever dream of.  My biggest failures and downfalls have been my biggest gifts and have gotten me to get really naked and look within, stripping all the layers that no longer used to serve me and see my true core and gift to offer to others.


Hence how this series were born, because all of these systems and taking the time to do the exercises I teach in the workshops saved me from living a life of victimhood and misery, the tools in  GET NAKED now  series were the most liberating steps I could do to get me living a life that is awaken to my true potential and fully loving the naked me to the point that sharing was my only moral choice.   the more I learn and grow the more I know that if all the these tools have helped me to see the beauties even in the storm and be more at peace in my journey, I know deep inside it will also help others attained the same results.

To those that know me, know that I am a very transparent person and the more I verbalized my emotions good and bad the best I function, they also know that I was not shy to share what bothered me and criticize what I didn’t agree with the world as well…

I realized through two marriages and many life lessons that I can’t change anyone but myself and I did the work that has gotten me to be the most transparent and present with my life as I have ever been and giving this information to others is my biggest joy so them too can sing loudly the music in their souls. The journey might be rocky for this is by no means a positive thinking seminar, is the embracing and seeing the big picture that makes it beautiful with all is hills and pits. The fully letting go of expectations, illusions and wrongful perceptions to discover my awesome reality to be perfect just as is and knowing that it can change with my decision the minute I choose to do the necessary work for it. 


Now I feel more at peace and the need to criticize or compare myself to others no longer controls me or my actions, the gift I have been given can truly be expressed by being fully honest with myself and removing all the layers that were clouding my path to shine and fail as bright as I could for the journey and the grace will always be there no matter what the outcome.

No one said it would be easy, however will be truly worth it! GET NAKED now

I am truly grateful to say that the tools Get Naked Series that saved my life and I can’t wait to help you get naked to spark your true light.

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