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There is Unexpected Wisdom in Naked Asking

The wisdom in asking, or better yet, “Naked asking” …. And why doing it might be the smartest, most educational tool you can use. Why do I always ask??? Why do I often ask people different, sometimes random questions? And why do I ask mostly strangers?  This is something people around me usually wonder.  Well,…


What am I doing?

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t know what you are doing? I know I am not alone in sometimes feeling this way. YES. Sometimes I feel like I can’t tackle what I set myself up for.  That I am not enough for the challenges I have set in my heart to overcome, for the…


Why being “Naked” and honest is the winning ticket while dating?

WHY NOT?   My journey has changed and evolved plenty in the last year and half, which has fully given me a new light on life, love, dating and being single.   I am going to bare some of my most intimate experiences t will probably answer the title of this blog.  During my dating journey…



THANKSGIVING TIME, It’s that time of the year again, the time when I reflect on what has happened this past year, on how did it go?  What did I do? what did I accomplish?  What did I not?  and YES most importantly what the heck am I grateful for? Yes, I see November as my inventory time,…


Hey, Who’s really listening?

Have you ever wondered who’s really listening? Sometimes we speak our minds in our jobs, with our family, significant others or friends, and we find that probably half or less of what you are saying is getting thru to the other?  Does this happen to you too?   Well lately I feel like I am…


Getting NAKED for my Birthday Wish!

Yes, I am turning 43 years old in a few days.  I remember the time when I thought this number would be so far away or an ancient age.  Well I can fully say that I am proud to say my age and feel more confident and happier than in my twenties.  Forties have been good to me so…