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Online Coaching Program

An online coaching webinar modules to guide on your Naked journey..

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ONE on One Coaching

Empower yourself and develop your needs through one -on -one coaching, personal coaching exclusively with Dr. Aura.

•3 WEEK •6 WEEK • 12 WEEK • 1/2 hour weekly calls

Corporate Coaching

Take a class session or seminar with Dr. Aura. To know more how she can help you in your company

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Why coach with Dr. Aura?

In 2014, Dr. Tovar, developed a program called “Get Naked Series”, aimed to educate and facilitate the cleansing of emotional subluxations that can get in the way of thriving in life. She has led workshops on this topic with many audiences including a focus on helping women learn from their experiences to find their inner strength.  For almost 5 years, Dr. Aura has never stop motivating people to get through life of Getting Naked in following a new perspective in life. She followed her heart to be a coach and lead people in creating a “Get Naked” principle to help you succeed in any situation. Take a coaching session and commit yourself a “Get Naked” principle and transcend to new level of life !

Disclaimer :
One-to-one coaching is not the same as therapy. If you need to resolve an issue from your past, have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, or have recently experienced trauma or loss, please seek the professional help of a qualified therapist or social worker in your community right away. Consult your doctor or pastor for a recommendation. if you feel you’re gonna harm yourself, please reach out to this number +1 844-549-426 or TEXT 741 741

Take these recommendations to undress your life in a way you never imagine. Here are the testimonies from subscribers of Get Naked Series

Get Naked To Thrive

Dr. Aura Tovar is an international speaker on health, personal growth and empowerment topics. From her own personal life experiences she has developed a program entitled the, “GET NAKED SERIES” which focuses on the advancement and improvement of one’s own personal work and growth. She calls herself a “student of life” and while studying human behavior, she quickly realized that her true purpose in life is to ignite the spark in others to live to their full potential.
Dr. Aura continues to help others as a Chiropractor, as a humanitarian and as a speaker.  With all of these skills and her history in work and positive causes it is clear Dr. Aura has pure intentions and is truly a servant of this planet.

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