Get Naked To Thrive Course

Get Naked To Thrive Is Pure RELATIONSHIP Chemistry

Equal Parts Webinar And Virtual Live Experience!

Learn to Map

Map how your painful stories are serving you now.

Map your congruent value system.

Map your future the way that is congruent with your values and talents.

Shape your true purpose.

Learn to Create

Create the Action Board of your dreams with steps to see it and feel it the reality you deserve.

Create achievable goals that are actually attainable.

Create REAL affirmations that will vibrate truth to your actual core and will become a new belief system.

Learn to Love

Get rid of all resentments and turn your pains into opportunities.

Unleash all the lies you have been telling yourself.

Fall in love all over again and see the beauty in all that you are and all your gifts.

Clearing the Mind Space

Try to prep for this transformational adventure, set the intention and commitment for this process

EX: Use the Frame in Your Box Exercise

Reality Check

Acceptance is seeing what is not what we wish or what others see.

EX: Mirror in the Box Exercise

Values Match

Let’s find out what your true values are, and how they match your perceived reality.

EX: Frame & Post Current Value System

Mask Removal

Tolerations check up with new belief system birth

EX: Tolerations List & Build Your Current Symbolic Mask Exercise

Brain DeclutteringSee how the map of your stories have built perfect blessings in your life

Time to remove the charges and neutralize the feelings with love and grace.

EX: Reality Exercise to Clear False Beliefs

Naked Forgiveness

It’s time to really GET NAKED of all past hurts and pains

EX: Forgiveness Exercise

Loving What Is

Time to fall in love and get romantic. Naked Soul Check, creating the beautiful blank canvas.

EX: Love Letter Exercise

Energy Transformation

Transform cleared energy into real action steps to give us “Heart Riches” we want and deserve.

EX: Visualization, Clearing and Transforming Exercises.

Transformation Undergoing and Action Board Building

Vision can’t materialize unless we do.EX: Action Board Exercise

Accountable Goals Building

Seeing and feeling your dreams coming true is what Get Naked to Thrive is all about and with this formula it is a not miss process.

EX: Goals to Thrive With Results In Mind Exercise

Change Vibrations of Your Words With Mindset Changing Affirmations 

Change your mindset one NAKED step at a time. Nothing like you have felt or done before.

EX: Believe, Affirm and Achieve

Map VisionTime to see the map clearly, see the intention come “circle circle” and get that mirror out again.

EX: Circle Circle Fun