Get Naked to thrive in your life…

Summary:  It can deliver with a short slide presentation or more throughout depending the time given, will include interaction and some action steps people can take right away to free themselves from the emotional baggage,

Maximize your life expression….

Summary: Short talk on the three keys to always getting up after a fall to maximize everything that happens to you and see the blessings in the process.

Getting Naked to reach your best relationship…

Summary:  A video presentation to show the process of relationships and how they serve or hold us back.  Quick actions steps to remove the shackles that might be tying you up to an unhealthy relationship and action steps to thrive in the ones you actually want to make work.

Removing the subluxation between the ears…

Summary: Realization talk to see how your mental blocks and resentments are holding you back from the life you desire.  People will walk away with knowledge to recognize the pattern and immediate action steps to recreate their own process and adjust their inner subluxations to let money and happiness flow in their lives[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner]


Dr. Aura is available for speaking engagements in your company or seminar, she is an experienced public speaker and has many topics to speak inspire your audience, employees or group.

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